Artwork Services

How should I set up my artwork for your printing presses?

We use different equipment and process for the different products. When viewing the product you require, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the view factsheet button. This will point you in the right direction.

ProPrintShop product screengrab sample

Fixing your artwork

If you've had a message from the factory saying they cannot fix your artwork, our design studio should be able to handle that for you. Our printers are not so great with desktop publishing, but know their way around a tin of ink. Similarly our designers can output a set of printing plates but haven't got a clue how to fit them to the press!

Pricing and Buy Now buttons to follow…

Uploading artwork to PPS at a later stage

When making your order on the PPS, you have the option to upload the artwork at a later date, should you or we need to adjust it. You can log into your account by clicking here (Administration > Data upload), and select your order from the list (if you have more than one current order). Choose your file, upload, and check the online proof.

Creative design

Whether it's recreating existing artwork or generating something from scratch, our studio can look after you.

Website design

Here's one we made earlier!

Additional help and guidance

We have built a comprehensive A-Z glossary into the PPS. You can visit it by clicking here.

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