Ideally we would like you to supply a PDF document, using the PDF/X-1a standard, but with the following settings (see screenshots):

  • Displaying individual pages, not spreads, and in a logical order, so that the first page of the PDF is the first page of your document. Do not supply to us in readers spreads or printers pairs. We will impose your document at this end.
  • Include crop/trim marks. These should be offset by 3mm.
  • Include 3mm of bleed. If your project is to be folded, you can extend the bleed area further to show any fold/score marks.

If you are using a program such as Adobe InDesign, you will have the option to sae these settings as a Preset for future use (name it 'Prints Regent' for example).

We like to keep our in-house studio software up-to-date. We will be running the latest version of Abode Creative Cloud, Office 365 and Apple's Pages, Keynote and Numbers (if you must!). We also have QuarkXPress 2021.

Due to the extreme turnaround times that the CopyShop provides, we will endeavour to produce the best possible result from the file(s) supplied to us. We will not proof the file to you, but go straight to print from your file(s). We accept no liability for font substitution, text reflow, or any other discrepancies as a result of not supplying your file(s) in the way we have requested.

Please ensure we have received both your order AND your artwork files by 4pm to qualify for new-working-day services where applicable.

We will accept emails up to 10MB. Anything larger than this should be sent using the free service at and addressed to The beauty of is that you will receive an automatic email confirmation when we download your file(s) so you know they have arrived safely.

If you wish to discuss your artwork or print requirements, by all means give us a call from 4pm or arrange to pay us a visit.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.