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Customer Notice

We are in the process of transferring our existing website clients over to another company, Website-Management.uk, which is also run by Michael Hopkins. He will continue to oversee all services and will remain your point of contact.

The main reason for this is that Michael is getting website enquiries from other printing companies, and it wouldn't be fair to advertise Prints Regent as their website host, so a company has been created with a more neutral name. 

In addition to this, throughout 2022, we are also transferring our hosting services to a new server system. The previous system was starting to fall behind in terms of technology and security, and that was unacceptable.

Website-Management.uk runs on a subscription model. Your website services are taken care of for a small monthly fee. This includes website design (if required), website updates, domain name registration and renewals, website hosting, SSL certificate and renewals, and a complete website redesign after 5 years. 

In the past, it was customary to pay a large upfront fee to have your website designed, and then it would sit on the server doing nothing. Each year you would have to pay to renew your domain name and website hosting. Over time, parts, if not all, of the website would stop working. This is because the internet and its standards, are constantly evolving. Not only this, but stagnant websites are looked down upon by Google.

It makes sense therefore to pay a small monthly fee that covers both the necessities (domain and hosting renewals) and any unforeseen eventualities. Website-Management.uk have a number of ready-made plans to sit your needs and provide peace of mind. 

We will be reaching out to our existing customers in due course to explain the plans, discuss your longterm goals, select the appropriate plan, and transfer you over to the new servers.

Since email accounts are linked to website hosting, there may be some disruption during the switch. If you are using our email services, we will need to plan ahead to minimise disruption.

Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you over at Website-Management.uk