What is the ProPrintShop?


We are delighted to announce our new online printing store, which we call the ProPrintShop (PPS). It's actually two websites, one designed for desktop computers, and a more compact version for mobile devices (which we affectionally call the ProPrintShed). Your device will automatically switch the to correct site, and all products are available for both.

On the subject of products, we have a much larger selection than we've ever displayed, including items you probably had no idea we produce. You will see that we have included a multitude of options to cover the most popular requests, such as paper sizes, paper grades, colour options, finishing options and so much more. It's an exhaustive choice.

In order to facilitate these options, we have automated as much as possible, and built it into the website. When browsing the products, you will see that there are often multiple delivery dates to choose from.

Can I supply my own artwork?

Good printing requires co-operation. We can only produce a professional job if you provide us with professional artwork in the format we request. Our automated system will alert you if there are any issues with your artwork. You will have the opportunity to correct the artwork yourself, go ahead with your artwork anyway, or ask us to put things right. There will be a small additional fee to correct the simpler issues in the factory.

For larger problems that the factory cannot put right, our specialist in-house artwork studio will pull your file apart, but this is a more expensive process. Visit our Artwork page for pricing.

If there is a delay in receiving your correct artwork, there may be a delay in delivering your order.

What if you are creating the artwork for me?

When making your order on the PPS, you have the option to upload the artwork at a later date. If you wish to have the print-ready file, you can log into your account by clicking here (Administration > Data upload), and select your order from the list (if you have more than one current order). Choose your file, upload, and check the online proof.

Alternatively, we can upload it to your account from our workflow.

What is your artwork specification?

We use different equipment and process for the different products. When viewing the product you require, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the view factsheet button. This will point you in the right direction.

ProPrintShop product screengrab sample

Your pricing is so confusing!

For comparative pricing, we display the product and delivery pricing separately, and both of which with and without VAT, to cater for private and business consumers. However, you can change the display to suit your preference, by clicking Change price display.

ProPrintShop pricing screenshot

Additional help and guidance

We have built a comprehensive A-Z glossary into the PPS. You can visit it by clicking here.

The Small Print

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